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Azshara Crater 2-man Quests
Over the past few weeks I've spent a lot of time in Azshara Crater and have noticed people only use the zone for three things, the Zul'Gurub enchantment, the Sapphiron shoulder enchant, and farming the tower bosses for recipe tokens.

With the new core removing the adds from the towers, farming them can now be done easily by any class, but I have noticed no one does the 2-man quests.

I was thinking an easy way to buff them would be to change the respawn timers on the boss mobs for these quests.  I would suggest lowering the quest boss timers from 30 to 10 minutes which would make doing the quest comparable to just doing a "tower run" and only killing the tower bosses for the recipe tokens.  

I hate to see this area so under used.

Co-Op quests can be fun as well because you and a buddy can shoot the shit while farming. Nothing stops people from doing it solo like you pointed out, but adding some incentives to make the 2-man quest more viable seems like a great suggestion.

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