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Ban Appeal
One of your characters from the banned account: Diddykong
Ban Reason: CHEAT: CHEAT_TYPE_DESYNC(Tick:758457541)

Information about your ban: I was doing pvp in Gurubashi Arena and during combat there was atleast one lag spike where I was stuck on a single frame for few seconds but other than that my connection was fine. Then after some time there was a huge lag spike and I got disconnected. After a few minutes I was able to join back to the server and apparently a some of other players got disconnected too. I was able to continue in the Arena for a couple of minutes before I got disconnected again and couldn't join anymore cause it said I was banned.
I did not use any cheats.

Additional Information: Did some googling and from what I gathered desync cheat makes you Out Of Range or Not In The Line Of Sight even though you appear to be right in front of other players, similar to what might happen when lagging. So I think the lag I was experiencing might be related.

Make sure your internet is working nicely, before connecting to the server.
Ban appeal accepted.

Closed thread.

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