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Naxxramas Patchwerk/Grobbulus/Gluth Video Frost Mage PoV
Hello friends of Naxxramas here is the third video from this raid. The kill from Patchwerk/Grobbulus/Gluth from 21.06.2018 New Core.

Have fun watching it and as always maybe u get some tactics out of it. 

One thing about the Grobbulus fight what u will see there was a missunderstanding between me and pally. I didnt told the pally that i would Ice Block 2 seconds before debuff will release so i will be immun to dmg.
As a frostmage u should use that advantage use ure Ice Barrier before debuff and then go into block. Instant blink away so u will just get about 200 dmg or so and you will safe that pally time to heal the grp.

Big thanks again to: Funnie, Spanxie, Sundae, Chucknorish

Blinc? New ability?
^on drugs

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