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Kel'Thuzad kill with Video New Core Rogue Pov
Hello guys here it is...that was my first attempt on Kelthuzad on new core. I recorded Thaddi and the rest from Naxx too. But i wanted to upload this one first. We killed him 6 in the morning german time.

Have fun watching it and as always maybe u get some tactics out of it.

Special thanks to:

For ure time and ure passion to kill it fking 8 mins before server reset!!
One thing Retro Team needs to fix!! I got muted alot and this was really annoying. When i cant tell when i kick and i get muted for 1 min. This could be a reason for a whipe.

But the fight was alot of fun!!

Here is the video Smile

If u have any questions about the fight. Let me know Smile Feel free to ask!

Congrats. Up to 3/5 confirmed server kills. Hope it can grow.
So Quality, much Video.

Awesome vid as always Amild. Keep up the good work!
Tvtv Jvjv Vxvx Vjj Vsvs

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