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Alliance/Horde raid loot
So, this happened the other day when doing Onyxia. Since the server is cross-faction raiding, we noticed that some people on alliance where able to see some loot while those on the horde side saw some other, different loot. Is this normal or a bug? Raid leader was able to see a bloodfang hood (horde) and I (alliance) saw other loot, but not the bloodfang. I was not able to get the bloodfang piece master looted to me. I don't know if this is a bug or intended, but it was frustrating as hell. Any thoughts?
I've made a bug report about this here

This is, in my opinion, not working as intended. The only reason I say this is because in the old Core, Onyxia had faction-less loot. Ragnoras in Molten Core suffers from the same problem. 

You said you were not able to have items master looted to you? I've done Onyxia and Ragnoras quite a bit since new core and I can confirm that if your character is there for the kill, then you can have items masterlooted to you. However when it comes to alt characters, if they are not logged in and at the boss when it is killed then they will not be eligible for loot from either Onyxia or Ragnoras. 

Again I have admitted a bug report for this and hopefully this will be fixed soon. I also opened a ticket when I could not loot Ragnoras on my alt, and the GM told me he was not able to help with alt loot for these bosses so opening a ticket will not help. But if you were present for the kill and were not eligible for loot, I would open a ticket and maybe submit some pictures to help your claim. As always when taken screenshots for this kind of thing make sure to have your chat in the picture with the /time command shown.
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