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Video / Written instance guides (request)
Could someone with more knowledge them me (dont raid much on here) write up quick guides on the instances for killing the bosses / trash packs as needed?  Should be helpful for any new players to at least have a knowledge of the boss strategies before entering it (myself included for some of the fights).

Say for example Onyxia.  Quick as possible so it shouldnt take more then a minute to "research" a fight.

Notes: mages spec frost, boss is immune to fire.  No need for Onyxia Scale Cloak As it blocks Shadow flame.  Onyxia uses Flame Breath.  Stay away from the tail, can knock you back into whelp eggs and spawn more mobs.

Stage 1:
Tank and spank against north tip of cave, casters/dps stay to the side to avoid flame breath aoe damage. (note if you get agro, run to where tank is (face boss north and away from everyone else to avoid unnecessarily flame aoe damage..Help your healer out!)
Ranged hold off/save most mana for second stage dps as melee cant do as much.
Stage 2:
Ranged DPS full throttle, blow cds, trinks etc.
Whelps come out so group them up and aoe (mage is best) but try to stay apart from each other as much as possible to avoid the fireball conflagurating disorient aoe (8? seconds).
Stage 3:
let tank get agro again.
Has a aoe Fear, unsure if it can be kicked/pummeled now? Didnt seem to help last time on my warrior at least

Should be ~ 4-6 minute fight depending on dps.

Zul'Gurub (ZG)

***Pretty sure hakkar does random MC on watch out, stun them till it wears off***

High Priestess Jeklik

Jeklik begins the encounter in bat form. In this form she has an AoE silence that also damages. She randomly charges people in the group
At about 50% goes into troll form and causes bat bombs (fire bombs) to drop -- Stay out of them
Also will start greater heals casts, so be sure to watch/kick/pummel them.

High Priest Venoxis

Kill the two adds.  On second stage for the snake, just tank backwards to avoid the aoe poison

High Priestess Mar'li

Seems pretty straight forward
Everyone should stack close to each other as boss uses web and runs away, if you are close tank can still attack/keep agro.
Kick some casts as they come in

High Priest Thekal

NOTE:Must watch and kick Zealot Lor'Khan heal, have a fury warr or rogue off tank her

All 3 must die within a few seconds of each other, watch the hp on them, fight in a group and cycle your dps so they all die close together.

When boss spawns in tiger form, best to tank against a wall so the knockback doesnt fling you out of range.

High Priestess Arlokk

Kill the tiger adds as they come in, full dps on boss
DPS as fast as you can as second stage she goes zerk-like and hits HARD.

Bloodlord Mandokir
Watch the "glare" or whatever it is.  Tank near the wall where there is a LOS you can move to.  Kill boss then raptor for a chance at the raptor mount (i think)

Jin'do the Hexxer
Pull back to the little square the skelis are dancing around as he randomly summons people there..closer you are the less you have to move
Kill the adds, kill boss..Pretty straight forward

Gahz'ranka (optional/needs to be summoned)
Only did a few times on pre core trying to get the mage tomb.

Was a straight forward fight..might have been some knockback

Hakkar the Soulflayer

Cant really rememeber..just know we left the 2 sons alive for a while, then pulled them and killed both right away, then finished boss.

Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20)

Casts a aoe silence / change to miss by 75% bubble.  Can be tough if your healer gets chained, but if you see one, STOP CASTING AND MOVE!!!!!.  On 20% (?) he enrages and does more damage, so tank should shield wall/be ready to pop a health pot

Tank and spank...Does not do the aoe knockback so no need to tank against a wall, however clear the rest of the trash mobs around him.

Gotta have good dps to nuke him down before the they seem to knockback+reck you




Notes how to not wipe..
1. Tank should backpeddle the whole fight (hold S) as this allows the healer to run and stay in front of the boss/behind tank for the aoe knockback. (knocked back together = able to keep healing)
2. Get the plan beforehand if you dont have a druid or mage for curse of tongues as you only have a second or two to talk.
3. All melee should stay in front of boss so everyone within knockback range gets hit the same direction/lands the same spot, not rogue getting hit way behind thereby losing dps.
4. Tank should not move but just aim towards the next pylon if the healer is behind the boss, healer once done casting the last spell/dots to top tank off, run past tank to get in position.  everyone then start the backpeddle.

Had one group wipe 4 times because the stupid tank kept running away from me as the healer (t3 pally), getting knocked even further away and sometimes out of LOS behind a pillar = dead.

Crystals pop up around the map, order seems to change each time.  But move to them.  Have the tank hit it when he gets there as this changes His weakness spell.  If you have a mage, keep the fire weakness one up as long as you can, warlock, keep shadow etc.

Molten Core

Just did a MC run and got through 6 of the bosses, so heres my "explanation"

Lava Surger, Everyone stack so he doesnt do the charge knockback
The Rock giants (forget the name).  Ranged stand back, has a melee ranged stun
Firespawn (i think) spawns a replica and keeps going, kill them fast.

Kill two adds, priest/druid decurse.  (decurse order, healer, caster, tank, melee imo)
The aoe magic debuff didnt seem to do much may not be worth it to waste time dispelling.
I played a mage and i think i cast maybe 6 frost bolts as i was decursing the whole time.


Tank facing away
Magmadar Abilities:
- Has an aoe fear
- Tosses fireballs that burn, stay out of them.

Everyone else at maxish range, kill him down.

Tank and spank, kill two adds.
Gehennas Abilities:
- Rain of Fire - Just stay away from these, backpeddle tanking
- Shadowbolt - Randomly shoots shadowbolts
- Gehennas' Curse - Reduces healing by 75% for 5 min Mage/druid decurse


Garr's Abilities:
- Magma Shackles - Slows you down
- Antimagic pulse - Seems to be a cooldown on it (cant remember what it was) so any timers (evocation for example) use it Right after one and you get the whole amount.
- Adds explode on death, be sure to be facing into the wall so you dont get knocked into the middle and potentially agro more.

Probably one of the harder fights.
We did it with:
druid tank (mostly starter gear, maybe 1-2 epics)
Full starter priest
Full starter warlock
geared full t2 rogue dagger spec
Myself 6/8t2 frost mage

Don't worry about buffs, he steals them off.

Strat we used was tank grabbed all of them and moved to the wall, I would mark one of the adds with a skull and we would start shooting, near death we would get agro (frost spec has low agro) and he'd come to us, die and explode sometimes hitting us and knocking back a bit.

Continue till all dead.  Had to give priest 2 mana pots during fight to cover it, but was able to get it.


Shazzrah Abilities:
- Shazzrah's Curse: increases magic damage taken.  Mage/druid decurse quickly
- Arcane Explosion: Aoe magic damage to melee, tank him and all ranged stay at max range.  melee run out if getting low.
- Blink: Shazzrah will blink to other players and reset all aggro. This is why you spread out.
- AoE Counterspell. If you have one of the boss timers, as a healer / caster plan on not starting a 3 second cast when hes down to 2 seconds.

Strat:  if you do the lava swim to get behind him.  Warrior tank him on the little lip you start on, all casters run along wall to other side. Can't LOS his counterspell so just stay max range (just avoid it by not casting right before he does it (pre-heal if you can).  When he teles, whoever got agro run to tank.

Baron Geddon

Baron Geddon Abilities:
- Ignite magic - CAN be los'ed so with a timer just stand behind the pillar before he casts it. (pally/priest - dispell mana users fast)
- Living Bomb - Run to center of the room (watch agro on sides)

Same fight as Shazzrah, warrior on one side, rest along the wall to be able to LOS quickly.
If you get bomb run to center of the circle.

Sulfuron Harbinger

Pretty easy, just kill the two adds, kill boss.  don't think they actually cast healing spells like they should, but watch for needed kicks/pummels etc.

Majordomo Executus

Dont kill the boss..When you kill the adds, fights over.  

Have done it two ways before, first..very geared tank (t3) and a geared healer, we just tanked all of them, dpsing the adds one by one.

Second, have a hunter or rogue stand on the edge, shoot the two priests or agro them (healer watch his heath at the start), hunters best.  Can aim shot one right as the tank pulls, switch to second target and do the threat shot..whatever its called+arcane shot, then run and jump down and head to the bridge overlooking Golemagg.  Around there or when the team calls it, FD/Vanish and run back up to help dps the last two down.

Golemagg the Incinerator

Pretty straight forward..Just full dps on boss, dont kill adds as they respawn.
Around 10-15k hp left (10-20ish%) he enrages and starts to hit like a truck.  Be ready to overheal / tank use shieldwall+pots
Everyone should have mana and hp pots either way, easy to farm in UD strath as a frost mage.


Gotta kill everyone and quench those stones.

Boss has a knockback that tosses you almost into the lava (potentially one shotting you depending on hp when you get knocked).
Make sure someone has bigwigs addon for the boss timer and run out around 2-3 seconds, as it takes a second or two to cast.

DPS fast enough and you skip second stage with the sons, otherwise about 5 sons spawn 3-5k hp each i think, but kill them and boss is back.

Black Wing Lair

Just ran a bwl last night, seemed fairly similar to a year or so ago (razorgore is new at least)

Razorgore the Untamed
Stage 1:
Weakest dps use the orb to control razorgore and destroy the eggs.
Kill the mobs as quickly as you can
Stage 2:
Kill boss.  Healers can stand on the stage (by the orb) so if they get agro, boss has to run around it and they can jump, tank should get out of conflag at that point and regain agro. Repeat.

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt
Full DPS.  If healer gets the debuff..just wipe unless you have 2 t3ish dps and can burst it quickly.

Broodlord Lashlayer
Getting to him can be a pain without aoe dps and a rogue. 
Tank against the gate so the knockback doesn't throw you into the whelps or down the ledge.

Everyone have onyxia cloak
Tank against a corner and stay away from the front if you are not the unneeded aoe damage

Everyone have onyxia cloak
Tank against a corner and stay away from the front if you are not the unneeded aoe damage

Everyone have onyxia cloak
Tank against a corner and stay away from the front if you are not the unneeded aoe damage

Notes: Use sand, only clear buffs if it effects the class (dont clear mana burn from warriors)
Everyone have 4-5 sands.
Tank stand in center of entry way leading into chromas room (with the lever).
Casters/healers/ranged LOS him behind the wall those two Guards were by.
Melee stand near his side.

Everyone have onyxia cloak
Stage 1:
Kill the adds
Stage 2: 
DPS Nefarian down
Watch out what buffs he gains (blessing of protection..melee does 0 so dont waste trinket/cds during that).
Not sure if you can kick/block/stop the aoe fear


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