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How to preserve the life of WSG/BGs from badly intended formed premades against pugs
Well, to be the voice of the people against the current  streak of premades of the last 3 days from July 2, Monday, 2018 to July 5, Thursday, 2018, we simply want the badly intended made premades made by people like Doggaa/Cosanostra to be gone, he's slowly draining the soul of retrowow's pvp and it's pvpers, and if it doesnt stop this server's pvp/bg pvp will end up highly likely dead. 

To simplify what i said...

Problem: Doggaa/Cosanostra is forming premades intending on draining the soul of retrowow's pvp and it's pvpers, as is mentioned and felt by the anger and complaints of the people maligned by Doggaa/Cosanostra, also he's motivated by easy gold steamrolling pugs, infamy points from people maligned and hurt by his pvp soul draining premades, and he just wants to destroy our livelihoods and fun times as humble retrowow pvpers. It also doesnt help that he's callous and doesnt give a damn about his fellow pvpers and community.

Solution: Find a solution to motivate Doggaa/Cosanostra to do the opposite and stop this badly intended premading madness. Doggaa/Cosanostra is the root of all soul draining pvp corruption currently on retrowow as of July 5, Thursday, 2018. Maybe adopt the modus operandi of Project Ascension WoW and find a middle ground that appeals to everybody. Remove the cause first, and then the sypmtoms as a doctor said to free us of this premading madness.

We just want our simple fun pug wsg/ab/bgs back and preserved for a long time, that's all.
Solution: Don't play WSG. It's only a gangrape midfight. Has a poor gold income compared to other bgs and last way to long.
Join AB. It's more fun, less gangrape.
Join AV. Sometimes it sux but its more fun then wsg anyway.
i love when they form premade, even easier games then pug...
What makes matters worse is that right now, raids and even gold farming groups are way down, save for cursed island farm, which most people want bis or near. Where can new people gear up? Have fun? My account is full of decently geared characters, not all are so fortunate. People can say everyone is just whining, but it really does hurt our new player base. Eventually the geared folk get bored and fade out, how are we going to keep the server going?
Hey you forgot to mention me! I'm ruining everything as well!
Make your own premade and 3-0 dogga and make him rage quit every game like me and ipoly do. Even if we are all melee 3man prem vs 10 man prem with 6 healers and t3 war fc. we 3-0 ez. Honestly their prem is rlllllly ez to beat
hi im gay irl
I play'd with dogga in his premade and we lost to a pug , he makes BGs easier

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