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Newbie Questions
Hey all. I started playing on this server a few weeks ago and have a few questions concerning PvE on this server.

With raids being 5-man, it seems like more specs would become viable. I'm guessing the debuff cap is irrelevant. Would that make Cat Druids, DoT-Locks, and Shadow Priests competitive (assuming they're well-geared)?

Someone told me the Def cap is much lower here (441). Is that true? If it is, I know that a Druid could reach the Def cap exactly without losing hardly anything (swapping a ring at the cost of 30 Armor and 4 Stamina). Have any Druids attempted to tank in BiS gear?

With all-caster groups not existing on this server, are Boomkin still good?
Off-specs are pretty much as viable here as they are in a 40 man raid environment. Most have threat issues, serious mana problems, and are even worse due to the fact that one person's weight can completely nullify a group's potential to kill anything. The debuff cap was never the dispute. Some off-specs are just generally bad.

Defense cap is going to have the same function here as a standard blizzlike vanilla server as well. The defense of a level 60 +140 is required for crit immunity and daze immunity against a level 63 target. Since bosses are always 3 levels higher than you, this applies.

All caster groups do exist, but you have a tank in them now. See above. Boomkins are "fine", but will fizzle on long fights and are extremely consumable reliant to be able to even attempt to keep up. The crit aura is certainly a bonus, but that is all they offer outside of Rebirth and Innervate.
What he said, but moonkins can swing it if properly geared, ie alot of mana regen and spirit, talent+3 piece tier 2 is required. Mine rolls with about 120 mp5 combined prebuffs, with proper consumes ie, major mana pots, demonic runes and spirit buffs he can sustain about as well as a mage, with some downranking thrown in once in a while. I keep my innervate for lower geared healers if need be, otherwise I can full rank the whole time. 

 Ele shamans have to downrank, shadow priests go oom or pull aggro, mind blast is a bad idea for aggro and mana. Feral druids can compete but you have to try really hard, have the energy helm and power shift like mad and need a wisdom flask, the 4 piece d2 rogue set helps too now with the new core. 

 Ret Paladins can only truly compete on undead mobs, super geared and consumabled to hell and back, which an equally geared ms warrior could still compete if not overtake. Enhance shammies can't, and there isn't a valid reason to use nightfall in a 5 man setting, the damage loss is huge from their already inconsistent damage. Most hybrids are burst heavy, which isn't sustainable in a raid environment, they can do a ton, but then go oom.

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