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Gear for starters to get (post blues)
3 items to help starters out more getting gear and wont break end game or pvp in the slightest.

Back when i started playing in 2015 i believe, i recall T1 used to be 1000g each.  It was soon after that or in 2016 upped to 2000g each, which seems a bit steep for what is essentially starter raid gear.

1. Change T1 prices back to 1000g Each.  
 16k is a bit steep for starter epics.  Everyone just skips them as its not worth it

Easier for more starters to get a full epic set which allows them to get groups easier to push further.
Allows for more geared characters so those that are under geared feel more confident in raiding the higher raids
No end game user uses it (aside from maybe some 120energy rogues?) other then just to have fun (i do on my hunter sometimes) 

Honestly don't really see any.
Might make MC less raided, however i dont think may raid it for the gear..more for the ingots or boss enchants that drop..More of a raid on main, collect any loot on any alts.

2.  Make the R10 (blue) pvp gear free, or cost 100G rather then 100 pvp marks.

Mentioned here

(06-29-2018, 10:10 AM)mentos987 Wrote:
(06-28-2018, 08:48 PM)Feltham Wrote: I may make a server suggestion, make the R10 PvP gear free. It gives good set bonuses, high +Stamina, great for PvP. It would serve as a great baseline to get started in PvP and lower the gear gap a little bit.  
  • I like this idea. New players are too weak in bg, it is not enjoyable for either party.
  • It is also a quick set of gear to pick up and equip, will require less time to pick out the perfect item combination.
  • It is not all that good in pve so it should not affect the pve aspect of the game.

Starter gear sucks for pvp compared to everything else, these sets were designed specifically for pvp.
Most seem to think it was a good idea in that post.
Doesnt really effect raids at all as most of the blue starter gear is better for tanking, and healing.  Some sets *might* be better for dps classes..but even if it was on par..those items are free anyways.
Helps out pvp as you can start out as a fully geared (blue but still nice armor) character to pvp, can even try out new classes you never tried before because you didnt want to waste time gearing a mage for example, to find out you hate them.

More geared people in wsg..Guess its a con for those who like to GY camp for easy marks/gold?

3.  Drop the D2 sets to 100G each (epics  maybe 200g)

Personally I'd like to see all these changes.  Id like to get the full pvp blue sets on a few guys (farming 6k kills to get full epic on more then one character is a bit much, but farming 600g or if free would be great.

No one really uses it.  May get some to
Offers yet another starter set, some of them are actually really nice (see rogue 4/8bonus).

None really again, not end game gear, just stuff to help starters.
I did the actual quests a year or two ago on my warlock and pally and got up to 6/8 of the set parts before i got to a bugged quest / quest i needed to duo (but cant due to the rules here) and couldnt find anyone to help so it just got put on we can just buy wasted time/money on that quest line for me hah
That gear isn't starter gear.
Pretty much all I have to say about that.

I agree T1 is trash but the PVP gear costing marks makes sense, and D2 is quite solid for some classes and tedious to farm, I think it is fair.
Yes make this gear easy as shit or free to get, it can only do good since everyone is fucking t3 bis

PPL who are t3 complain about this, so they can farm other starters.
I don't PVP, ever. But I heavily supporting the PvE scene, and I very much don't like cheap PvE gear outside of raiding.

The only thing I can tell you is to actually raid, considering you'll get more from one raid than you will from farming core hounds for 12 hours.
(07-10-2018, 08:04 PM)Revelations Wrote: That gear isn't starter gear.
Pretty much all I have to say about that.

I agree T1 is trash but the PVP gear costing marks makes sense, and D2 is quite solid for some classes and tedious to farm, I think it is fair.

I didnt mean it as "you start with this gear" but more along the lines of "Things to get quickly as a starter"..or something along that line. Ill change the name a bit to reflect that. Still would have to farm 8k for the t1, but it would put you far above the blue starting gear pve wise, and some classes pvp wise too.

My full t1 hunter (have some t2/t2.5/pvp items but i like it) with the hunter staff and bow from the Leaf quest can crit aim shot for 2.5k+ so its not trash for all classes. Shammy...probably hah, but rogue, warrior, mage?, hunter at least can all do really well with the full set.

T1 tank > blue vendor gear tank
Pretty sure all dps t1 > blue
Healers..might be? not sure about the mp5 on blues vs the healer t1's and how they compare

Either way full group of t1 stands for an easier time / better time doing a raid then full blue starter .

Reason for blue pvp gear costing gold is its rather hard to get marks as a starter. Sure as a geared person you can easily get 2k+ a week..Heck i did that first week with my shammy, saved up gold on other guys and bought full bis (using aq40 parts vs the naxx for the 2-3 there are) and got i think 2185 kills or something, rank 8 in standing. Then bought my HWL spell blade. As starter..unless you luck out and get a group with geared people never gonna reach that or close to it, you cant 2-3 shot people, you die super fast/easy. Needing 600 kills for a full set of blues, try getting that as a starter druid, other then leeching...that would take a long time just to get sub par blues (compared to what most in wsg run with). Doesn't make it very enjoyable imo

Main idea behind all of it is to bridge the gap between what the starters come in with and what most of the player base has to make it more enjoyable.

when i play wsg i hate seeing full blue starter geared, they may be skilled, but if you are under 4k hp as any can be 2 shot (1 even) by a number of classes, that doesnt help the team at all. Having the full rank 10 blue pvp gear right off the back if you prefer to pvp(and are good) would do nothing but help you and your team.

Same thing with pve.
no one really wants a full blue starter. Cheapening the next step up from blue starter (t1) would help to close that gap. They can spend a few hours farming dews, or restro shammy healing a ci farm and boom, they have some epics and are ready to rock
Noobs gonna noob.

It doesn't matter if they are in full Wildheart or full R10 PVP gear.

1) Create Account on Retrowow
2) See first quest NPC Accept > Complete
3) Queue BG and run around spamming Moonfire trying to unlock the Pandarian monk class and find their way into a garrison.

They are still going to be dead weight on your team if they have no clue what they are doing.

That being said. I agree. It would be the equiv of people playing Arena in TBC with the High Warlord gear vs S2 Arena players. They have more of a chance, but unless they spend time / effort they will not be BIS and on completely equal ground.

Starter PVP Quest similar to the D0 one from the WSG Battlemaster - Maybe even a Pre-Req before being able to queue in WSG.

In the current state, I do not mind seeing full starters PVP. As long as they are on the opposite team.
Maybe at the very least make the starter npc give pre raid bis for their class, too many new people just get the full d1 set from the npc and call it good. Full d1 for anyone minus like rogues Is crap for most things. Tier 1 isn't trash for all classes, nightslayer for example is quite nice for pvp rogues.

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