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Difficulty and play experience for new players (please read)
Before we start here dont blame me im German and im playing on this server since 2017-10-07.

Wazup Retro-WoW before i start my suggestion i wanna say that i love the new core. Its pretty diffrent to the last one but after some weeks of playing this core, i really wanna say something.

This server is not the same as before...and before u flame me i dont mean it in an worse way. For me the new style is pretty nice but there some points i want to admit.

Its about the diffuculty some of u would write its fine, for me its pretty good may sometimes to easy for me. Meaxxa was one of the hardest bosses before the new core came but now Baron Geddon from MC is harder than Maexx!
I was the one trying DK wing server first and we did it after like 5 hours of playing including 20+ wipes on Gothik.
But for me it was fine we really needed to talkt to each other about tactics, focus target, DK silence 1+2, we changed members to get him down. It was really really hard but thats what i love when i play vanilla wow. But this is not Blizzlike vanilla wow this is Retro WoW fun server.

So for most ppls this is terror and for me would it be terror cuz i know this server here is a Fun Server. If this was blizzlike and i would wipe 20 times its ok.

Now it feels like some bosses from Bwl, Aq40 etc. are harder than Naxx itself. I mean i uploaded a video from my T3 Pally perspective with random grp. We wiped 3 times before we killed him (first boss BWL) cuz i had to heal so much. I mean im full bis gear with my paladin i had to drink 5 mana pots just for the first fight. How the hell is this real...think about new players how should they even do this. Or the 3er dragon grp before the traps on bwl. Jeah u can instant dispell etc. but hell the whole grp gets bursted to under 50% i have time on flash of light 2 sec to heal 1 of my members dies thats the point.

Think about new players how are they even suppose to do that.

The reason i make this post:

I have a friend and i invited him to play with me here. Hes not like a new wow player he was one of the guys i played retail wow back in the days.
We made a bwl grp yesterday and we had headache while we played. We wiped 1 time on dragons and 3x on Dragon Bosses cuz our tank was shiet and forget to taunt the fkling boss. But ok thats what u have when u raid with randoms, im always in that position that i make grps myself and give them players advice what to skill, how to kill the grps, how to do the bosses.

This bwl run was intime over 3 hours my motivation after this raid was complete
killed i wasnt even able to do a BG or something cuz i was so annoyed.

Today he asked my why is it so hard to make a grp for Ony or Aq20 and that he really wanna play that old retail instance like bwl, aq40, naxx etc.
But for him it was a freaking fight and thats shouldnt be the point on Retro wow.

I mean when i started playing here i farmed 2 weeks Ogre quest in Tanaris to make some gold cuz i was a freaking nub on this server.[Image: Wo_WScrn_Shot_100717_134709.jpg]

Here is a screenshot from that times. I was always the one try to grp up ppls so we get things done easy and quick.

Some german players carred me showed me the tricks like the rep from Darnassus quest (alliance), how to get easy rep for T2.5 or T3 gear and so on. Naxx helped me to get t3 gear in like 2 weeks and that was absolutly fine with me.
I had the feeling that i play on a vanilla wow fun server. Sometimes u wiped on first boss on Aq40 but i was able to do it with blue random starter gear with my druid it was hard but we did it. I wanted to leave the raid after 2 wipes but those guys full t3 at this time told me to stay and just change some gear/rotation on heals and it worked.

But after the new core every instance is a fight you can see it in the world chat. People are scared cuz they know they gonna spend hours on wiping to do freaking bwl or Aq40.
I mean my friend i carryed BWL yesterday got 3 items. Not even 1 t2 item some random stuff like the axe from trash etc.

To complete this post and tell u why i do this:

After the new core the chat and pve on randoms is dead because they know its super hard even after u nerfed all the bosses it is still to hard! This is not retail wow this is a fun server u come online and u want to equip ure chars u could easy clear Aq20, Aq40 and bwl in one day without super hard trying on anybosses.
After u got some gear u go bg to get some tokens for pots or PvP gear u interact with players. After 1-2 weeks of playing u got some good gear to go naxx. Maybe u bought Naxx wep for 20k rest is T2 or T2.5 gear and u have fun rading with ppls. Jes u did not first try everyboss in Naxx before new core. It wasnt hard but still u needed to focus on what ure doing.

Now days its like u come online and no one is looking for grp, mostly ppls that got full bis chars like me to get my alts equipped. My friend went online and told me there was only 1 grp that looking for someone for Onyxia. When i made this account here  (10/2017) the worldchat go spammed with raids. So what should a new player do? Like my friend i told him to get 100 tokens of attunament quest for Gold. I told him to safe 20k gold for Naxx wep. I gave him 5k to start his adventure on this server.

But still he would never clear a full BWL run with his starter gear. Never ever no one would take him to this raid and as i was saying before i had struggle healing a t2 - t2,5 tank on bwl as a full bis T3 paladin.

I had so much more to write but i wanna end this now cuz its so long.

I love the new core but this isnt a fun server anymore, this is more like a blizzlike -  minifun server with pretty tryhard on instance to get even anypart of any gear. If u dont know anyone ure not able to have fun here.

I mean when ure a starter u should be able to do bwl without thinking about tactics cuz most of this guys just wanna play this game without a headache.

For me the difficulty is fine like i said but for 85% of all new players (like my friend) or alts this is the pure struggle. You dont have fun wiping on bwl with 2x bis chars.

When i started here this server got like 300 ppls online today is like 450-600 ppls. Thats awesome but these guys arent able to do instance cuz its to fking hard. So they go pvp getting flamed cuz there starters and i can understand that.
I made a hunter twink and jes this guy got 5 t3 ( I didnt finish eow jet ) and crossbow+dagger from kel and claw from sapphi in 1 run + 2x 15agi entchant.
I made like 500 kills in 1 day so i was able to get 4 parts of blue pvp gear in one day. I looted T2 chest and T2 legs before cuz i helped some guys in MC and BWL. ( btw we wiped more than 6 times on Majo i wasnt able to heal my tank cuz he was just getting 1 shotted. )

But if i was new i wasnt even able to go BWL with this hunter. Who would take a blue starter gear hunter to BWL? No one and that is the point.

So guys i let u think about this if u want to know what i would change reply on this post or if u have experienced the same reply here.

There just some small points to make this server more fun and make it more playable to new players.

I love this server i had so much fun here. But atm all i do is Warsong premade, Naxx premade raid or tryhard on instance like bwl and get annoyed after 3 hours and quit the game.

Please feels free to reply if u find any spelling mistakes i dont give a sh.

Love u all
(07-12-2018, 08:52 PM)Amildalathethird Wrote: I had so much more to write but i wanna end this now cuz its so long.

*Proceeds to write half a page more*

I think the guy(s) coding for retro wow is on vacation atm. Just wait awhile.
cleared bwl in an hour my first time new core whilst carrying a 50 dps starter warlock... only thing that annoys me is the amount of trash in naxx still, I liked skipping it all )
I tend to agree a bit, sadly even onyxia is hard for new players now. I join up on one of my well geared chars to help out and let them get the loot, we tend to wipe, i try to help them and explain the mechanics, but they usually end up leaving after wipe two in embarrassment or frustration. Some people don't like to learn, or get easily angered from wiping. A couple raids may need to be toned down a bit, the mechanics make them for more fun I say, maybe just some health nerf or a little damage toned down.
The main flaw with Onyxia is that only RDPS can hurt her during phase 2. This mechanic doesn't work in a 5man setup.

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