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(07-25-2018, 09:41 PM)matm2 Wrote: <WHATEVER WERE AWESOME> Come be Awesome with us getting Shiny's and slayin Newbie's! Seeking ALL to fill our NA/EU/AU Cores in Naxx, KT on Farm as well our premade PvP team. Come and join the fun all are welcome, Cheers!

Send Epicsauce/Wondaful/Gawdmoad a msg in game or /who WHATEVER WERE AWESOME or reply on here and I'll get back @ you asap, I check the forums daily.

One of our EPIC KT kills ^_^ Enjoy!

Still recruiting? I've killed most Naxx bosses on my hunter about a year ago, just rejoining the server and maining a rogue with full pre-bis Naxx gear (only missing cthun belt) have EoW completed and ready to start slaying bosses. in-game name is Daggerspec
Sounds solid @Nevertanq we're always recruiting fam, come and join the fun. If I'm not online just /who WHATEVER WERE AWESOME

My char name is "Ditaner" I am looking forward to joining you guys. A little bit of introducing myself. I am based at Australia and working as an IT guy. Most important I love Vanilla.

Damn IT guys aye! Jokes fam! Welcome Smile

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