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Boss mechanics on this server
Is there something like an overview about the changes in the raid bosses on this server?
To raid with 5 instead of 40 would require more than changes in boss damage and hp I guess.
I started doing a write up since no one else seems like they want to share it to help out.

I don't do much raiding, but as i do i just add what we did during the fight/what happened here (won't ever do the naxx ones as i have no interest in raiding something that long). Its a start at least
I'd hand you the information, but at the moment it's quite enjoyable to see how things work. A lot of the work-arounds are clever, and a full clear of one-shots is going to be pretty much impossible unless you're going in buffed knowing what you're doing in good gear with a 5 stack of people who are on the same page, so hop in and give everything a go.

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