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Admirals hat
Since i got it a while ago (pretty sure server first) and a few others have it now, some dont know how to google to find the rep here it is:

heres a quick guide on the fastest way to get the hat and repair your rep (otherwise the guards in mall 1hit you Tongue

First..kill a bunch of guards in bb (turn on at war in rep tab)
[Image: sd7pSQ.jpg] 

its +75 rep per kill, so quick math of
~2k to hostile from hated (starts around 33k i think, maybe 34/35)
3k to unfriendly
3k to neutral
3k to friendly

~120 kills give or take if you kill others or have killed the bloodsail guys before to lower it
[Image: AmqSvj.jpg]
[Image: 628qJD.jpg]
[Image: tvaqFJ.jpg]
[Image: BwEMbc.jpg]

Then run to the ships and go to the middle one
[Image: MlgKXv.jpg]
[Image: pYPmil.jpg]
[Image: mtOBcr.jpg]
[Image: Np7sdV.jpg]

can only post 10 images second reply is continuation:

Head back to BB and kill the two guys
[Image: 5yIJ2C.jpg]

Turn in quest and bam..half way done.
[Image: 9B1PZO.jpg]
[Image: t56ZmR.jpg]

Now to fix rep, head to ratchet with linen cloth and vials for the turn in, then to STV with silk and red dye

linen needed: 480 or 24 stacks
empty vials: 48 or 3 stacks i think it was
Red dye: 24 or 3 stacks
silk: 240 or 12 stacks

[Image: PO3sXi.jpg]
[Image: n0zHyO.jpg]
[Image: alhPqn.jpg]

Could only hold 6 turnins at a time (too much gear), just mailed it to myself to grab in ratchet inn.
After 12 turnins, no more, rep at 27520/36000
[Image: cOdFnP.jpg]

Now onto stv with silk and red dye

[Image: iY7AFG.jpg]
[Image: 4xQdIm.jpg]

6 turnins later:
[Image: feZD7G.jpg]

Total time on this toon:

1 hour 45 minutes.  had to farm half the linen (pirates south of ratch, 1.5 loops and had the second 6 turnins) and all the silk.  Had half the linen from my other guy i did it with.
Do not taunt people who have the hat now, or else you will end up oweing 10k gold.
(08-10-2018, 06:06 AM)Voidroy Wrote: Do not taunt people who have the hat now, or else you will end up oweing 10k gold. owe me the 10k
[Image: 0HVxTs.jpg]
[Image: mEi4Fp.jpg]
Meet online ill give it to you.
man of is word
[Image: 0Ayr1M.jpg]

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