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Dungeon Boss Loot
Do dungeon bosses drop regular items from their drop tables or do they only drop "Boss Tokens"? I'm trying to get the Flask of Supreme Power recipe from the boss in Scholo, but I'm not sure if it can even drop it.  If it doesn't where can I get this recipe?
I have this same question. Bosses in Scholomance are only dropping tokens and appear to no longer be dropping the loot that was associated with them. In this case Ras Frostwhisper was the only mob known to drop the Recipe: Flask of Supreme Power. With him being able to drop the recipe there is no way to get it.

I also opened an in game ticket inquiring whether the Summoner’s skeletons are meant to have 50,000 hp. Needed to stand there for a long time to burn them down. Seems like a scaling problem. Especially if this is supposed to be a gold farming quest. The GM Env responded and mentioned they would be looking into it.
Can you not get the flask recipes in Ashara Crater?

Ehhhhhh have fun farming Scholo I did it solo BTW with my mage..

Edit: I'll craft flask/manapot for free if u make me laugh q8)
Retro's best player lolexdi

So you did manage to get something other than a token to drop?!

I am glad to be wrong if this is the case.

Were the skeleton mobs from the summoners 50,000 hp as well?! There is no way to solo that as a mage.

@Mentos987 -- no, the only recipe there is for the rejuvenation potion
Just get the flask recepie from azshara crater.

See here;
I dont think you can farm the flask recipe in azshara.
Correct, the recipe is not in Azshara. I would like to see you solo it with your mage. Those skeleton mobs with 50,000 HP take forever to take down
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Ive actually had this happen but not on a boss mob, sometimes I kill an elf and the drop is on the floor but I cant pick it up I have to relog to get it, weird tbh.

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