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Ban Appeal - User Panel Claims I Was Cheating?!
Account: Walley7
Ban Reason: OverspeedDist (Tick:1697)
Information about your ban: I was banned while in an AV game this morning.

Additional Information:

My account (Walley7) was suspended this morning. At the time I thought it was due to afking in a bg (I was away from an AV game for about 5 minutes while cooking food). But after looking at my user panel on the website, it says "CHEAT: OverspeedDist (Tick:1697)", which rather stuns me, as I've never cheated on this server or on WoW in general.

I don't know what could have caused the false positive? I often use the kill ping service to reduce my latency (I live in Australia), but I didn't have that running at the time of this ban. I've seen talk by others of false positive bans of this sort, it sounds like the algorithm you guys are using for this is a bit off and might be worth putting on hiatus? Especially given my character was stationary at the time, yet the message above makes it sound like it was a speed hacking check? Mind you not an angry complaint - I'm a software dev by trade so I know how easily bugs creep in!

Anyway I'm hoping to get an unban, as I've donated a fair bit on the account, so there'd be nothing to win for me by doing something like cheating, and it's a bit of a gut punch to find the account locked after the effort I've put into it!

Hello Walley7,

The ban has been lifted.

Kind Regards,

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