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AV Join as group
Dear Staff , i'd really thank you if you could make Join as Group in Alterac Valley , why? Because these people never heard of objective in AV all they seen is 4k gold , lets play , someone else is going to put effort in winning the match! 
And that part is impossible because AV is made for team play mix of PvE and PvP , which is hard because everyone focus PvP and that battle is endless , ppl lose nerves and rage quit , not to mention to waste 3-5 hours on nothing.With group que we could get ammount of tanks / heals and more organized group to play smooth AV's without bunch of unexperienced people who are currently ruining Battlegrounds.If its going to be unfair for other team ( PREMADE ) I guess you should think , better to get 1 mark in 10-15 mins than 1 mark after 3-5 hours , in that time both of teams can get atleast x2 turn ins of bg marks and get good amount of golds.
Thanks for reading and i hope this will happen one day.
The reason the reward is x4 times larger for AV is that they expect the average AV to take 4 times as long as the average WSG.

Say the average wsg lasts for 20min, then the average AV should last for 80min (1h, 20min) and they are generally faster than that.

But I do agree with AVs being frustrating atm. My suggestion was to reduce requirements for the offensive quests that can be done inside AV.

I do not think premades will make the experience more enjoyable, only faster.

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