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World buffs
Hi everyone,

I have a suggestion regarding world buffs that i'd like to share and i would love to get some feedback on it, possibly from admin side too about it.

After the release of the new core, raiding got more challenging and bosses were initially tuned to require the suitable pre content BiS and several (world) buffs in order to kill them. Even though we had some nerfs on this already, buffs are still very important and through the fast ID resets hard to get.

My suggestion to get these world buffs easier would be a world buff vendor. In exchange for eg. 100 PVE tolens, you'd get the ZG, Ony and Rend Buff for example. Since it still requires you to do some farming, it's not a free buff service at all. Also, since all buffs except for the ZG one don't persist through death, it is not going to give you too much of an unfair advantage.

A flip side could be premades, already geared to the teeth, now also with full world buffs completely stomping everyone in BGs.
To avoid this, getting the Buffs through this way could also give you a corresponding Deserter debuff for the full length of the buffs, two hours.
This way that PvE Token reward buff would be beneficial exclusively for PvE and not do any harm to PvP players.

I'd love to get some opinions and feedback to this, concerns and additional ideas I haven't had. 

So far, best regards,
This would be very good indeed.
Do you want it to only buff a single target or everyone nearby? Where should it be placed?

2hour deserter may be a bit much. Just make sure it isn't cheap enough for players to bother using it in pvp.
I was just thinking about the person turning in the tokens to be buffed, otherwise people would just stand close and leech without doing the actual work required.

Placing him in Hyjal wouldn't be a problem if only the one turning in gets the buffs.

Like I said, the deserter buff is just ment to ensure people don't PvP with it. If you want to go with all buffs into a WSG you still can, but you'd have to obtain them the regular way.

The pricing is difficult, it should be high enough to enable players to actually bother getting it when raiding (or even twice during a raiding night) but not dirt cheap and making it basically a permanent buff.
Sounds about right, but please don't force a 2hour deserter on it. 15min is plenty.
(10-05-2018, 02:06 PM)mentos987 Wrote: Sounds about right, but please don't force a 2hour deserter on it. 15min is plenty.

Yet a 15min deserter would still give players another 1h 45min to use the Buffs in Battlegrounds, which is what I think would just have too much of an impact on PvP while my proposal is to strengthen PvE.
I think getting that two hour debuff wouldn't hurt you while playing. If you're raiding, especially "progress" raiding as a new player without lots of gear, your typical raid takes longer than two hours anyway, after which you'll have lost your deserter debuff.

I didn't want to get pitch my proposal as a final version that I want to be implemented exactly like this, like I said in the beginning, this is just my first idea and with some more input and different views we might get a solution the Dev Team could be interested in Smile
I love this. A World Buff vendor would make raiding much more fun.
Whenever a buff is popped -> Everyone in Hyjal should get it + the area the buff is turned in traditionally. This change alone will make PVE much easier.

Just allow World buffs in PVP. Then there is no additional scripting to specify which buffs will be allowed and which shouldn't. Once you die they are gone anyway (except for ZG).
Definitely a point you can argue about yet buffing everyone in Hyjal would basically give you, if the price to do so is low enough, basically a permanent uptime of the buff and undermine it's point. If you raise the price to make it not a casual turn in, I personally think it would not give the benefit for new or casual players that need some sort of buffs to be able to compete.

The way I see it, personal buffs would still require everyone to do some additional farming in order to get it, along with farming required to get your potions, flasks, jujus etc. while not having you spending days to collect all of them for one time.

Please keep giving constructive input, share the topic and get some attention to the post and at one point maybe, we find a solution the Staff might be interested in too :-)

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