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Consumables in relation to new core
With the new core, basic gearing has become a lot more difficult. Its very hard to enter bwl even with pre raid bis / t2 gear for most people. I feel like if consumables were easier to attain through some sort of system, this can compensate for that fact. a big part of vanilla, is getting a full bar of consumes/world buffs and feeling very powerful. I feel like it would be awesome if flasks were cheaper / some other system to help us get bags full of consumes, it could help solve some problems.

also, the new core feels worse in a lot of ways to old.
1. Post in suggestions, it's a better spot for this
2. I completely disagree, and consumables ironically have been cheaper now than pre-new core in many cases.
2b. If anything, encouraging professions should be done more IMO.

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