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AV is Dead Again with 2k g
Hello Smile

AV is Dead Again with the 2k gold Quest......

The Problem is, its Free win for Horde and Allianz cant win with a little bit deff.

Horde can win with 5 People on Marshalls + Vanndar

The Gamemaster know this Problem and he changed the marshalls, but all crying and a Team with no bis tank cant Win so turtle Starting!

Now you revert AV to 2k g......

All crying Again and AV is Dead Again......

But the Gamemaster dont see the Problem, the most People in AV are Starter and he cant run alone to South, all dead in Choke on the first Horde Tower.

My idea:

Change all Towers! half range or less from this Hunter NPC´s on Tower and delete the non NPC´s on choke.

defused the first curve on Horde Towers, so starters can rush solo south or can play 1vs1 on this curve vs a horde turtle player.

change Wolfs on Drek, allianz must kill wolfs but the wolfs come back than Drek become a reset, this is the other big Problem.

Nobody need the non Elite NPC´s on the AV map. Many starters cant kill this NPC´s. Why? the players are new on the server and dont know his class.

I see many starters Rogues in AV with no poisen he can kill nothing with his starters Gear and no poisen.

Change the range of the Towers, delete all non Elite on the ways and fix wolfs!

My english is not so good but i hope all understand what i Mean i play since WoW Beta 2003 and i know the AV problem.......

Gamemaster you must balance the Terrain Horde VS Allianz, change AV for Starters you create this AV for 20vs20 but the NPC´s are only for bis People this is too hard for all.....

I mean only 5% in all AV´s are bis, 40% starters and 55% t2/aq40 People......

Make AV Great Again, nerf Towers, delete the non Elite NPC´s on all ways, but not in the bases! Please.

1 Frostmage can wipe the complete Allianz raid in the curve from Horde.......

fix this please :-)

and sorry again for my english Tongue
(01-11-2019, 07:08 PM)Binuu Wrote: 1 Frostmage can wipe the complete Allianz raid in the curve from Horde.......

so ture... dmg output from"non marshal"elites & bowmans are to high.... that bombard-man near the chokepoint/mainbase do like 2k aoe dmg xdddd
Elfanta -          wowwia
Amby -            wowwia
Chopsueshy -   wowwia
Muhkuhmuh -   MOO
Kraeuters -       wagus
Speck -            wouge model
Deathndecay -  Soulstone bot
Elgodtier -        1button to win

Don't be Afraid of your problems.
If you were doing AV for gold, you're bad at basic math.

Let's assume that the average AV lasts an hour (not likely, but for ease of math).

In 4 hours, you'll have enough marks to get 4k gold.

In 4 hours doing Core Hounds or Cursed Island, you will have made about 24k gold.
While all these suggestions are very good, I doubt that it is enough to revive AV from the dire state it is in. Almost all players share the opinion that playing AV for 2k g is trashy in terms of Value: Gold ratio, please bring back 4k g rewards to bring us back to AV. Another suggestion that has been made, make gold rewards on killing marshals which will limit the chances of players turtling.
AV as a whole is not fun enough atm. Increasing the reward won't increase the fun.

I would like the entire rush mechanic disabled and instead make it about conquering towers and graveyards one by one.

But there is a huge defenders advantage in AV and this is supposed to be breached by offensive summonings, summonings that do not work and needs to get patched if AV is to be played as intended by the original developers.

This would increase the duration of the AV but that is just a matter of also increasing the reward.
GM i would be nice to hear from you about this, are 2k reward here to stay or unshure?
i mean shud i wait turn in quest or..?

Quest reward of 2000 gold will remain.
(01-13-2019, 06:17 PM)Ossirian Wrote: Hello

Quest reward of 2000 gold will remain.

ty <3

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