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"Progressive PvP"
Hey fellow Retrowow Enthusiasts,

first I would like to thank everyone involved in the server for making the experience here possible. And the players too, im having a blast playing Retrowow, did the PvE progression up to clearing Naxx with a group of friends and it was great! Now im mainly playing PvP and a strange idea crossed my mind, so i would like to know if other people would enjoy that too or if it would be rather annoying to people.

Everyone knows PvP balance and gameplay changes a lot by the items available. So i thought how about "Progressive PvP". I didn't really find a better word for it yet. The idea is to have restricted items for a week (in PvP only!) or two and then progress to the next tier.
Would look a bit like this:
First week of the month: Restrict Items from Naxx, AQ 40, AQ 20, BWL and ZG.
Second week: Restrict Items from Naxx, AQ 40, AQ 20.
Third week: Restrict Items from Naxx only.
Last week: Free for all!

Of course you could tweak around like only doing this for days/ letting the free for all last a lot longer or anything you can imagine.
This wouldn't let the PvP balance get stale and moreover make people get different item sets for different weeks so some people might even donate, get back on old mains to collect new "Week Bis Items", give more incentive to do lower tier raids. This would help out newcomers a lot too and would make PvP a lot more fun to them even before they got all the Naxx items.

Thanks for reading, leave your feedback please!

what a genius idea

people going back to do raids, enchanting their items provoking a dynamic in the economy as well, but also and most importantly (imo) make the pvp way better during the seasons meant for lower tiers gear.
This would be an entire new kind of content in itself, making players talk about when is the new season coming, for how long, wich one they prefer ... The community aswell would more united than ever.

anyway, so much positive points, the donations also would increase ..
I would love to PVP with only t2 or lower cause I don't like the high dmg output of anything after.


This would be a major undertaking in terms of coding. Items are not defined by their tier in the code. You would have to manually change each item over the tier level you want. I don't think you can disable an item so they would have to manually reduce the stats of every single item.

And I don't think you could make such a patch only apply to BGs and not to the rest of the game.

Also, my bank and bags are full as is.. Have some mercy!
It'd be a fun concept but I don't think you can comprehend the amount of coding that would go into making this possible. I'd suggest more donations are in order to accomplish such a feat.
Great idea +1

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