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skull to vendor
im lazy and the richest player on the server i need something to spend my golds on
1,5k 2k 3k or even 5k any price i pay for this item to vendor it take like 30-60min to farm but i only log on to have fun and farming this on my 24 bis toons is annoying  Cool

i get stoopid on a nigga like im autistic [Image: 1f9d0.png][Image: 1f47f.png] 
Hell na...

"im the richest player on the server"

"1,5k 2k 3k or even 5k"

Sounds rather cheap coming from the richest player  Tongue

Not a bad request though.
It's annoying but since it's not a drop from a dungeon or whatever, assuming it's the off hand we all know and love, then why make it available on a vendor?

It is something that people need to farm and i'm glad it's not on a vendor because then every damn person would have it.

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