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Add proper classifications to new NPCs and base stats
I would suggest that the new NPC's that were added by RetroWoW staff should have proper classifications attached to them ( humanoid, demon, beast etc).  Having these npc's void of classification removes any ability that could benefit fighting them such as:

1. talents that increase damage dealt to humanoids, demons, elemental etc. (hunter monster slaying,humanoid slaying)
2. Exorcism for paladins cannot be used on the demons
3. Hibernate for druids cannot be used on the beasts or demonkin

And other abilities that cannot be used.

As well, these NPCs seem to have no base stats or armor.  Using demoralizing shout does not reduce damage dealt, as well as talents such as Vindication for paladins that reduce agility and strength are useless. I have yet to test but sunder armor and faerie fire may be completely useless as well for damage taken, only the threat generated seems to be working.[url=][/url]

Would like to see more effort in creating these extra NPCs added to the server since most of the gameplay is centered around these new mobs.


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