Poll: What raids should be tuned to 10man?
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Poll - 10Man
This realm has been great fun for a lot of the people for several years. However, I found myself missing out on larger raids and my guild concurs with this.
We would love to see an increase from 5 to 10man in select raids.

We realize ZG & AQ20 runs are primarily run by ***** players and they could definitely stay 5man.

What we would love to see is MC, BWL, AQ40 & Naxx be tuned up for 10man versions. This would make different classes and builds viable which would encourage a greater variation for players to enjoy the content.

What do you guys think?
I would not mind but this would me a major investment for the gms.

I can help out with the number crunching, the tactics and scripting would be the same.
I don't think it's gonna happen, because it's not fair that some people got gear easily just because they played earlier, and by that i mean they didn'tĀ have to roll against extra 5 men / longer fights or longer time to get a full group.

Biggest argument here is that right now there are many fights where you need to have one specific kind of healer or dps to do it correctly.

If you try doing maexxna and you have only a priest main healer, you can't do it.

Using a shaman to main heal naxx? Don't make me laugh. Their heals are GREAT for support but not as a main healer.

Trying to do BWL with any healer but a paladin on chromaggus is blah.

Kiting gluth adds here can really only be done with a hunter, but then the hunter's dps is too low for just about every other boss in naxx

Is it something for the GMs to consider? yes. Will they do this? Probably not because of the entire rework of the programming needed to do it. Every encounter in every raid needs to be re-tuned, even the trash.
This is the best suggestion i've read so far.
As for those who're already geared it doesnt matter AT ALL as nothing changes. Remember you can get bis only by doing CI 24/7. This is about making the PVE enviroment more challenging and more compatible to vanilla core mechanics.
I think this can be resolved just by changing some specificĀ mechanics that are only done by 1 class, instead of having to re-scale everything to 10 man raid.


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