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gold for starter and arcane powder to vendor
1. Arcane powder to the bag n misc vendor for group int buff ( )

2. Adding 10-20g for starting players so they can afford some of the misc consumes when they first load in, too many times i been asked for some gold so players can buy their first respec etc just a small incentive so players aren't thrown off instantly realising they have no gold (ik it is very easy to farm 10-20g even)   Big Grin

3. spirit healer at duel zone ~ died and got released all way in EPL with no mall TP

i get stoopid on a nigga like im autistic [Image: 1f9d0.png][Image: 1f47f.png] 
I think the gold part for starters could be abused, so maybe just make the item for free from poison vendor.


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