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More PvP Token quests please
Can you add a quest to turn in 1000 tokens, 5000 tokens etc ?

50 tokens per quest takes quite some time and hurts.

just for 1 turn in:

1. click on npc
2. click on quest
3. click accept quest
4. click on npc
5. click on quest
6. click complete quest

I have 3000 Token that i wanna turn in. That would be 60 turn ins = 360 Clicks.

Could pretty much make a new NPC with several options of pvp token turn in quests.
There's an addon called LazyPig that can greatly accelerate the turn in process.

But I do agree, wouldn't hurt to add an option to turn in 250 for 1000g or something. Regardless in the interim you can try the mod.
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