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"Recipe: Major Mana Potion" to recipe quest giver

It would be nice to have recipe for Major Mana Potion added to recipe quest giver in Azhara Crater. Thanks.
Why don't you farm the recipe in scholo?

Ill craft manapots for free btw
Retro's best player lolexdi

Then why bother making the option of doing quest for MC+AQ recipes?

I'm not sure people got any real incentive to farm Scholo other than that recipe since the instance is scaled for 5 man or so.
Scholo was revampd during retail classic from 10man to a 5man dungeon on retro its yet another revampd to a unique "custom gold farming" instance. They are still rumors that the reciped from the Grandmaster are still remain. Otherwise the npcs infront of scholo (for the key) also selling the recipe.

Why make a Raid recipe obtainable through azshara crater?! Pretty much already said it - they are obtainable through a RAID which only reset every 2 day (which is already pretty insane) and ur recipe is obtainable through a 5man instances which can be done 5 times every hour.

But i can't realy blame u lulz

No1 does scholo cause it suks!!! TO hard and no gold at all compared to CI/CH.
Retro's best player lolexdi


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