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Can i livestream on twitch???
So basically, i livestreamed in retro wow for like 20 min and when i finshed the livestream someone told me that you must take permission to livestream because i will (Shut down the server). 

so can i livestream?

this is my twitch

upcoming streamer XD.]
You are allowed to stream.

At any time, twitch can close your account for streaming a game that blizzard has a problem with copyright. So if you don't mind potentially losing your twitch account, sure.
There is a chance that you can lose your account temporary on twitch. Like kfcrampage said if blizzard or some Staff of twitch has a problem with the copyright of blizzard in your stream (Your playing not on the official Server) your stream can be turned off by Staff.

Maybe recording some videos would be better.

Best regards,
I'm with Desidor, just make videos and put them on youtube. It's safer until classic comes out and that's probably when you'll want to stream.
the correct way to do this would be to have an embedded player on a web page linked by means of social media in which you feature your collection of throw away twitch accounts.

every time a twitch account gets banned you toss it and generate a new one but retain the social media following.

this is actually the correct way to stream anyways since you want to build a community within your media circle and having better embedded interaction and following is a key to retention.

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