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Quest: Boss Tokens Reward
The quest for boss tokens for 250 gold is a great idea for doing dungeons such as Scholomance.  But those tokens only drop for 1 player per group.  Needless to say doing a Scholomance run will take about 30-45 mins with a decent geared group to clear but no other rewards? 

At least Ragefire chasm has quests to complete kills of certain type of NPCs and good gold and flask rewards making it a worthwhile dungeon to run. 

I suggest that Scholomance have these same quests as Ragefire Chasm(kill 10 of so and so =300g) etc.

Make Boss Tokens viable for hand in rewards and are rewarded to each player on every kill, not for one single player. The rest of the game may drop PVE tokens drop per kill on mob, but these are Bosses which are a special case and meant for group kills and would could make these dungeons worthwhile time spent.  And make 10x Boss Tokens about 600g - 800g to be comparable to doing a group of Core Hound farm.

45 Mins spent in Scholomance at this moment with a group = very little gold or loot so why would anyone do it ?  45 Mins on Corehounds which are MUCH easier to group up for, and do since they can be single pulls can equal to 170g per 10 mins on a newly geared group = 680g for 40 Mins average for 5 players.


Continue with scripting another shorter dungeon that can be upgraded to 60 such as Stockades or Scarlet Monestary Cathedral for example, and make it like Ragefire Chasm for quest rewards.  Kill this boss and this boss = 200g; Kill 10x of this NPC = 300g etc.  This is a another great option to keep players in group and enjoy more of the vanilla experience.
I would also like to see this. But instance gold-farm has the disadvantage of being more susceptible to exploits since there are no random people that can spy on you if you decide to use them.

But I do miss the instances, and I guess they work well on the new core.

I would love if we had a daily quest to clear one of many dungeons.
+1 for this.
+1 for this
+1 let's make Scholomance fun for everyone!
+1 seems like a fine request - give the players some more options in regards to PvE-gold farming.

However Durzi (mentos) pointed out a potential pit-fall with instancing. A daily quest seems like a good idea.
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I've never done this and now I see why

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