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Critikal / Faketaxii Raid Blocking
We had a rogue ragequit on Chrom in BWL named Critikal and talked about how we were the worst group ever etc. He recruited for ZG but when he seen us recruiting for last 2 bosses in BWL he came back and chain pulled Chrom and kept wiping/keeping us in combat. I lost the text in whispers from Critikal when logging to make room for others to try to come in but you can probably search ur logs. He admitted to ID blocking and started talking about how horrible I was yada yada, and got his priest in named Faketaxii and after unsuccessfully wiping the group he laid dead in zone for literally the rest of the night. Peeps just trying to enjoy some vanilla Nostalgia but some no-lifers gotta make things toxic. Dude is pure cancer. Screenshot below:

[Image: 2hg5vcw.png]
Except that isn't what happened at all.

That warlock in the screenshot is also your character. You've literally made a thread showing your self multiboxing and id blocking...

You caused multiple wipes on chromaggus and failed to soulstone the healer on multiple bosses (now I understand why - no keybinds. No KTM) The group disbanded due to your ineptness. I tried to make another one, you actually went offline on your warlock and as I was advertising for a group for the final two bosses you then started advertising too.

Your proof is a picture of an afk dead body?

Fantastic. 10/10 thread would read again.

To anyone that stumbles across this thread I'd advise you don't party with Cazic he literally has ZERO hit gear on his warlock and generally doesn't know what is going on. I feel bad for the guy.

Edit: Added a copy of the link to the screenshot that the OP posted (which shows him multiboxing) in case he tries to delete it

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