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The community is disgusting...
Ok, I'm gonna start off by saying that I love the idea of the server, I've been playing WoW since WoTLK and have pretty much never PvPd seriously in my life. As a PvE main who is incredibly bored of BfA since the very start and unsubbed 2 weeks into it, I've always been intrigued by vanilla and decided that this would be the perfect place for me to learn to PvP and see what vanilla PvP was about.

I've been enjoying the PvP itself, it felt a little bit slower than retail PvP so it allowed me to better plan ahead without having crazy reaction times.

Gear seems to be a bit of a problem though. Getting put up against a full team of full Naxx geared players is incredibly hard to go against as pretty much everyone and everything one-shots me. But there are many things that can be done to avoid or lessen that, whether it be powering through it until I have more gear, or learning to play my class better.

The problem is the community.

Every single battleground has been a bunch of toxic cunts. Geared or not, good player or not, I'd prefer to not be berated by the enemies for focusing on one single player and "tunneling." Yeah because you have twice more health than I do and that's the only way I would ever be able to kill you? I would also prefer to not be called a retard countless times because I missed a dispel. The fact of the matter is that people expect everyone to know all their shit, and every single battleground there has been at least one person asking me or the whole team if we were new. I don't know why they find that being a valid "insult," because in my case I really am new. I'd like my mistakes pointed out to me for future reference to improve, but I miss dispeling a corruption from an already dead warlock and I'm suddenly a (and I quote) "RETARD WHO SHOULD L2P AND STOP RUINING MY FUCKING GAME."

I apologize to all positive players out there for bringing such negativity here, but I need to vent after being called a useless piece of shit, a cancer lump, and a retard, all from different people in the same battleground, on my first ever time playing a holy paladin after about 2 hours of research on how to optimize my play, talents, gear etc etc.

Thank you to that one player a few battlegrounds ago who /w'ed me and told me how I could better help the team on my warlock. The only person I've met so far who has been of any help and provided constructive criticism on how I could be of more use and even congratulated me on when I did it right, which was totally unnecessary but he decided to do it anyway. I'm afraid I don't remember your name, but you're the real MVP Smile

I'm afraid for the time being, I'm going to look for a new server to PvP.
(02-12-2019, 03:13 PM)yeahno Wrote: The problem is the community.

Every single battleground has been a bunch of toxic cunts.

Hello Yeahno,

I am sorry that your battleground experience was not positive, but as someone who has played on the server for three years, most of which has been via queuing by myself. I don't appreciate that blanket statement, because quite frankly - it's not true.

I won't lie, I've dealt with my fair share of vitriol from other players - but I used to deal more or less the same toxicity in every online game I have ever played.

I'm not saying that you weren't mistreated - and I am sorry for that. I remember when I first started my Reckadin, straight blues. I got whispers every game, to be honest I started responding back "Thanks for the criticism, I'll be sure to take that to heart, have a nice day". I rarely ignore anyone, but I usually have fun engaging with people who randomly whisper hate. Besides, it just put a fire under my ass to make big plays.

But every night I log onto Retro-WoW, I enjoy my PvP experience. There are many community members here that are great people, and it puts a smile on my face to see them online.

All the best,
Feltyham (TEAM CANADA)
"Any day above ground is a good day" ~ Leslie Feltham (Poppy)
Number one, you're playing a holy paladin without enough survivability and then complaining about having a hard time in pvp. You will need to either grind through the gear until you can get big epics to have enough hp, or you'll need a team. No healer goes alone and has that much "fun."

Number two, going into a battleground worrying about people insulting you. Again, find a group of people you can pvp with. There are pvp guilds who talk on discord to coordinate better. If there's one thing you have yet to learn about vanilla, it's community. You and everyone else in Vanilla needs to find their own community in which they fit. All this retail bullshit and nobody really creates a community on B's servers like there was back in old vanilla.

Number three, and i'll be honest about this, every private server has their cuntbags SOMEWHERE. The key to enjoying ANYWHERE is to avoid them and move on. It's not hard to ignore someone and move on. We've all done it.

I started on this server with nothing like you, I went into pvp and grinded hard to get my gear and farmed where I could. Joined a guild that did naxx regularly and they helped me gear up. They also run premade BGs when they like to do so. I found my community and prospered within it. You will need to do the same thing wherever you go.
imagine how boring it would be if everyone was nice
a community in a game is great when u put the effort to find the right ppl, it's a game on top of a game mate

if u suck u can try pve first to get used to your class, it's also easier to find friends/guilds by doing pve

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