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Character Stuck, help please
So I figured the fastest way to get to Blasted Lands to farm herbs was by taking the teleport to BWL. What my sleep deprived mind didn't think about was that the entrance is in the middle of UBRS. I got lost while trying to make a break for the exit and accidentally jumped out into the Twisting Nether as a ghost, hence I need to get my character unstuck if that is possible.

Thank you in advance
Sincerely Strutdruid

Your character is teleported into the mall now, just open a ticket next time that happens.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]
quickest solution is to have someone invite you to a party to queue you for warsong. Next time use that and it'll save the GMs from needing to be involved. You can immediately afk out of the BG afterward.

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