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Accidentaly bought an item that i dont want
I donated 10DP for 10 Euro, And i were going to buy Chromatic boots for 6k gold. And i checked some of the Vendors for other items that i maybe could buy and i clicked on Zul'gurub vendor and it did not open so i right clicked again, When i right clicked, the tab open up and i right clicked on an item that costs 4500g that i dont need. So how do i get an refund for the gold? 

Please help

You can't
It would be nice if we can sell back the item and get the full price or atleast a percentage of it back.
You should contact a GM ingame / in Discord, maybe he can assist you with your problem because they do not check the forums that often or they do not see your thread.
Maybe Ossirian can change you the item/ refund the gold.

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