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Special consumables for VP
Just had a thought about potentially having vote points for food consumables from various special events. Spend 5 or 10 vp for a few of X consumes.

Consumes may include, but are not limited to:
Love is in the air box of chocolates
-Buttermilk Delight
-Dark Desire
-Very Berry Cream
-Sweet Surprise

Midsummer Fire Festival
-Elderberry Pie
-Fire-toasted Bun
-Midsummer Sausage
-Toasted Smorc

Gifts of Friendship (one for each city)

Consecrated Sharpening Stone
Blessed Wizard Oil

I'd say 10VP for three of one type of consumable.

Since they don't persist through death, I think it would be fine. Chances are you'll die in PvP so popping them there won't be that advantageous (similar to elixirs, you can use them - but they're gonna cost ya).

It will be for PvE players to have that extra kick.
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I Approve.

like felty mentioned above, i think they shud implement this as they don't persist thru death
bump, this needs more likes!
+5 stars rating

+1 this is a great idea!

Good incentive for voting and not game changing buffs. I would vote for this for sure.

Food buff to help under geared tanks hit Def Cap? Please so much YES!
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