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2761 AQ40 ID stolen
When you report a player, make sure you give us the right informations about the reported player. 

Information needed: 

1. Character name: No clue, ID theft
2. Reason: Wiped on Cthun, people left, then we remade the group and was running for it! 
The ID was 2761 we had some players named Daex something paladin. But to be fair i do not know which who stole the ID. Names of those who are inside now are "Nockz, Bubbletje, Steffen, Kitemeordie, Orgazmo, Splitty, Blazeburn, Nrgy. One of those stole the ID
3. Proof(Screenshot, video):

Your groups' raid IDs are simply the group members' responsibility. We cannot assign ownership of IDs as that would cause issues. I can however give you a new ID so that you can restart your group. Please open a ticket in-game.


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