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KT ID bugged
Character Name: Palzero/dogga

Reason: Bugs kel thuzad in naxxramas. i kick him because he lost our time dueling outside and because he dont know use his character, and while i was looking for another healer, he went inside and did it. Door is closed and corpse of boss is not there. When i fill group we try to go inside but servers says to3 dudes of my party "instance is full". I go to KT door and found 3 rogues there dancing.

you're basically inviting someone who plays better than you then you say (dont know use character)
You are inviting me to help you with bosses and kicking me after u wipe us on kel thuzad by staying on red circle zone. Asking u just a normal question ,hey dude why kick? then be tuff guy.

Please provide aditional proofs to back up your claims, because i do not understand what is the issue.

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