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Fast vs Slow ranged weapon
Lets say I have to choose between two ranged weapons with identical dps but one is very slow and other is very fast.

What are pros and cons of each? I'am interested in pvp only.

I assume that choosing slower weapon lets me "run" (using hunter timers) for longer time between each shot becouse it seems like shooting time itself is identical for all weapons ( about 0,5 sec ). Its the cooldown between each shoot that differ.
So slower weapon should more beneficial for kiting, becouse this way I'm spending more time on running and less on shooting with same dps output.

Am I right? What kind of benefits do I get when choosing faster weapon?
You shots (Multi and Aimed) directly benefit from a slower ranged weapon (well they mostly benefit from the higher top-end damage). Also, since ranged critical strikes deal additional damage (5/5 points in Mortal Shots, an addition 30% damage), having more top-end is better.

In most cases, you want the slowest weapon speed possible without sacrificing DPS. Basically you want to maximize your top-end damage.

So for Marks/Survival, a slower weapon is better.

I've seen BM builds using fast weapons (basically make it impossible for someone to hard-cast) but those builds would probably still work with a slower weapon.
"Any day above ground is a good day" ~ Leslie Feltham (Poppy)
the BWL xbow hits hardest for aimed/multi until nerubian slavemaker

anything else hits like a wet noodle
BWL Xbow ( is BiS until Naxx Weapons, I think it's either 7k or 8k at the BWL vendor - it's probably the first thing you should save for.

For PvP, the best bow is Nerubian Slavemaker (

Some players use Soulstring (, you'll notice is has more DPS than the Slavemaker, however - due to the top-end damage calculation and the 3.20 speed of the Slavemaker, it is better for PvP (please note that weapon skill racial bonuses do not affect PvP). Basically, you want burst - and that comes through a slow weapon.
"Any day above ground is a good day" ~ Leslie Feltham (Poppy)

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