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WoW Classic Release

If you happened to play on the p33nix servers in 2012-2017, feel free to send me a pm. If you don't know me don't bother. May make some exceptions for certain N0$t players.

Looking to create a core group to level/5man/rank and eventually raid in the early days/weeks following classic release. Will be looking to hit 60 and rank 3 asap. Intent is for late night adult raids thereafter, so no children please. Ideally, you will take time off work to keep up sith the hotpocket eating fleshlight fucking losers in the eay stages. Further intent to continue competitive PvP on Retro WoW, as access to geared chars is always fun.

Feel free to pm.

Assuming you're on EU servers, right?
(05-27-2019, 08:36 PM)kfcrampage Wrote: Assuming you're on EU servers, right?

Yes, will roll EU server for better latency.
helo am vegathhwlflexsupergodx

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