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Kqlqsh Mage PvP movie
Hello everyone ! 

I recorded some 1vX clips in 1 week not long time ago. I worked on the editing, trying to make an entertaining PvP movie 

I hope you will like it   Smile

I enjoyed it. I really need to pvp with titans on lol. Nice jukes/spell fakes/spacing. Sadly BG videos will never be as fun as world pvp Xv1s and this server just doesnt have that. I still think it was a good video. Kudos!
Yes shame there is not world pvp for sure. Thanks for your comment anyway Smile

here is part 2 if you want to. New spec, less editing & more fights

hi bro
Really enjoyed the music. Good mage game play, very experienced. Are you the Shyou who made the pvp videos during TBC on live?

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