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TF for Rogue or Warr Tank
I want to get TF for either my Rogue or my Warr Tank, both basically BiS. I mainly just do AV (which is basically PVE right, hence I post it here) and very sometimes some raids. I seek some advice from ppl who have it already.

I know its the best tank weapon, but in BiS, there isnt really any issue tanking already. It might help on AoE threat, but it can even be a liability when pulling Warmasters/Marshall right? Though it seems awesome on a warr tank.

It also seems very cool on a rogue (OH only right?) As I understand its not BiS for rogue. Gressil/Kingsfall is right? I am an Orc. How great is it for a rogue in PVP? I think it all boils down to how awesome it is for a rogue. Leaning towards that slightly.

Please advice and enlighten me Smile Thanks!
If your warrior is tanking, you should give the TF to him. It's so overpowered for a tank weapon that it leaves every other tank weapon in the dust here, by a large margin.
For rogue the TF is great for pvp but not for pve because you need the weapon skill.

In pvp the rogue set would be part of a "proc" set so you can proc weapon spell dmg plus trinket damage and shred through people's armor without needing to use rupture.
Big big big big waste to get thunderfury on a rogue , roll human warrr and do flurry tanking with tf ) msa works too
Thank you both. Warriors seems to be the common opinion. Will get it for him.
(06-21-2019, 07:15 PM)ParaWM2 Wrote: Thank you both. Warriors seems to be the common opinion. Will get it for him.

dont tell mort

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