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a chance to have more competition and help new players
Hello, im sure im not the only one to notice a large increase of premades on this server recently. i have been playing here for around ~3 years and i have seen just bout every prem on this server. by no means am i advocating for premades to be disabled in wsg.
my idea is to make it so in normal wsg q,  you can only go in groups of less than 4 or 5
there would be a specific wsg group q that you have to be in a group of 10 to join. 
this would of course add competition in premade vs premade and help the new players gear through wsg since lets face it... ab solo q is kinda aids

there should be a higher reward ofc for there prem vs prem battles. maybe 1500 per turn in instead of 1000 etc
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Giving a bigger bonus for winning premade vs premade could be baller.
(06-21-2019, 08:56 AM)kfcrampage Wrote: Giving a bigger bonus for winning premade vs premade could be baller.

So wintrading should get a bonus instead of a punishment looooooool

I found it quite anyoing that every suggestion is just "increase the gold gain" for no reason at all. 3g per wsg mark aka 30g per 10mark and i found that game breaking and u guys aren't happy with 1000g per 10mark... 

Also regarding having a easier acsses to make pre VS pre more often possible... Ever heard of that whisper function?! If 2 pre que at the same almost 99% of the time they will qu3d against each other and not against a pug....
Retro's best player lolexdi

Lately there have been many premades, but lets wait until after Classic release with any such changes as described above.
my bad, i ran a 3 man premade and rolled like 2 other premades and a bunch of noobs just sizing up the legitimacy of their mobility intent xD

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