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A 10s rez for druids

I propose that druids can do a 10s rez like priest/paladin/shaman in order to make druid viable in 5man raid.

I do not think a new spell is possible therefore. Is it possible to create a druid only object for this?

Or maybe a druid only command for a 10s rez?


lol wtf did i just read
Haha, how not vanilla is this post? amirite?

Druids never got the 10 second rez until a later expansion. We have resurrection points immediately outside of each raid and you want them to go further as to give druids a spell they never had in vanilla.

Any suggestion that changes the class/talent mechanics of patch 1.12.1 will never be implemented, otherwise this isn't a 1.12.1 server.
"Any day above ground is a good day" ~ Leslie Feltham (Poppy)

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