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New player questions
Hi guys.

I am new into Vanilla and qute new into wow at least. So i have a few questions.

1. I've read that most of the dungeons i can "run" alone but when i get to Ragefire, first Earthworm killed me and I've done no damage to him. 

2.How can i join raid groups?

3. Thereare lots of gear vendor. For example, when there are Naxx gear vendor, it means that he sells gear form Naxx or gear you need to get to Naxx

4. How to play in raids. I need to know what is important before i enter into it and what should i do when im in.

5. What other things I should know when I want to play on this server (i prefer PVE) 

6. I have problem to join Discord. It shows me  INVITE INVALID. How to solve it?
Hi Dearon,

Please refer to the following thread I made for a new user a while ago (information is still relevant):

In regards to your questions:
1. I don't do a lot of the custom content, but I'm sure RFC has been re-used - I think it's meant for a group now.
2. You can join raid groups by either starting your own or requesting a group, but read the thread I posted above, you may want to do some research into what class(es) you want to play.
3. All (most) gear is purchasable via gold, the vendor sells gear that drops from Naxx, it's not a prerequisite
4. Raids on this server are 5 mans, you play one of three roles, DPS, Healing or Tanking. I'd recommend making a DPS for your first character (easier to start, if the tank or healer is subpar the run won't go far).
5. Read the thread I posted above.
6. No idea about the discord.

Enjoy your stay and good luck,
Feltyham (TEAM CANADA)
"Any day above ground is a good day" ~ Leslie Feltham (Poppy)
ye what he said

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