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Master Loot fail.
Hello, i was in a group for BWL, i'm the leader, in Master Loot, and at Chrom, i have fail and give Mage T2 Shoulders to the Rogue (baited by his name lol !).

Have a screenshot :

I have fail and it's not cool for this Mage. Do maybe a GM can give him 5k gold for buy shoulders or .additem him please ? The .additem ID is 135063.

Thank you !
LoL why don't you give him the 5k since it was ur mistake. Also roflmao t2 rogue shoulders... Truestrike 20xbetter
Retro's best player lolexdi

Maybe because i don't have 5k gold ??

And you have understand nothing, i have give Mage's T2 Shoulders (Netherwind Mantle) TO the Rogue. You're welcome.

And let me remind you that the GM are there for that, to correct this kind of worries.

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