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Unreasonable Bans
Anyone else feel the GM's issue around pathetic bans for no valid reason at all, and with little to no information?

Happened to me two times in 1 month now.

You get no messages, email or anything regarding your ban except a small sentence in your userpanel.

I just find this so frustrating and unprofessional its sick.
dont break the rules then lad
Keep in mind that server population has tripled as of late, they probably don't have time to deal with everything as well as they did.
I too have been banned without breaking any rules with no explanation. Banned from discord after asking only one time.
No email no explanation. I have 1 of every class on my account. All but one is geared. I mean
HWL druid, HWL warrior.T3 paladin. r12 Shaman .r12 rogue. r10 hunter. Some are BIS some are so close the difference is negligible. So much time wasted to get banned for not actually doing anything?
I'd imagine there is some evidence:

Perhaps false positives can be created by moving vasts amounts of gold from one account to another, or someone paying an outlandish price for a piece of crap item of the AH. However to assume they don't look into it is not fair to them.

Also, what Durzi (Mentos) states is true - perhaps they have tools in place that are looking for gold sellers and some players are getting banned unnecessarily - but if you keep a level head and explain the situation (if you're in fact innocent) they will unban you.

I've personally interacted with a few of the GMs here and they are stand-up guys. Whenever I ask a question I get a response in a timely manner, though I am always cordial and polite.
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I have remained polite, havent came at them, I havent done anything wrong as well. No massive amount of gold has been moved from or to my account, not from the Auction house, not from helping my friends, not from my friends helping me.
I have explained this multiple times and have received no response, only a ban from discord and declined ban appeals. I have sent 2 messages to kelzo and 1 to Ossirian. I dont think I could be any more reasonable with how polite I am being, especially with how unfair I feel this to be. 3 Ban appeal declination's and a discord ban from a single post.
Don't know what to you @Oghex... I guess appeal a third time and maybe something will change... BUT I feel like the retro staff is pretty reasonable with a lot of crap considering I know A TON of people who have been un-banned.. Never have been in that situation or a situation similar..
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Doesn't help how many appeals you make, just look through the "Ban Appeal" forum and you can see why.
Every single ban is almost declined with little to zero good answer or information why.
You can't even reply to it before the "Closed Thread".

How professional and polite is that?
I have been playing here since about 6 months from the server opening. I have only been banned once before for 24 hours for "afking a Bg" when all i did was use the restroom. Aside from that I have had no interaction, positive or negative, with any of the retro wow staff. I politely asked for information regarding my recent ban and nothing. So im gonna keep making forum posts to bring awareness, just a form of peaceful protest, until I can rectify this with a GM or at least gain some sort of closure

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