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Ban appeal
One of your characters from the banned account: tbones
Ban Reason: illegal gold buyer
Information about your ban: i have not been on in over a week due to work so maybe u can give me some information what i can tell you is this last ip logged in current ip is s 

Additional Information: this server is easy enough to farm gold and gear. i also have been buying gold from your own website the couple times i fell into a tight spot!! I do wish to continue playing on this server and spending more money and time, if you refuse to appeal it is what it is and ill have to just wait a month for wow classic.
Now there was a time i sold a green wand on the ah for like 40k gold i think but it was a shadow damage wand and was considered BiS from what I read. Im hoping thats what this is and this is a misunderstanding

Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.
[Image: SGuVwB1.jpg]

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