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pvp token attunement is for what?
pvp token attunement is for what? I did the attenument needs 100 PvP token, why there is another PvP token attunement quest needs 1 WSG mark, 1 AB mark and 1 AV mark.
Pvp token attunement opens ab, wsg, and av quests. 10 marks for gold.
10 av marks is 4500 gold on av weekend
10 ab marks is 1800 gold on ab weekend

Never done the 1 mark quests. Low gold on those.
The pvp token attun's are to help against botters and gold sellers.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the quest you're talking about unlocks the "50 PvP Tokens for 300g"-quest or something like that.
You need to do pvp token attunement quest if you want to exchange pvp tokens for gold.

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