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Eyb racials abuse
I'd like to report a spriest called Eyb. He obviously donated a lot to this server, but that doesn't mean he should have all horde spriest racials available in his spellbook. When spriest changes the race, his class racials remain with him, plus he gets new racials and that makes it overpowered. So he has a troll spriest racial and an undead spriest racial and he uses them both. Im sure a lot of other spriests that donated for race change have those abilities, but I never seen any of them abuse it in pvp like this guy does. If it was someone else I wouldnt care really, but trashtalker spriest fully buffed, abusing racials, dueling outside the mall and thinking hes good makes me puke. Eyb you suck. Peace

Reporting a player without any proof attached to the thread won't help us.
No matter if a person donated or not, rules are equal to everyone.

Closed thread.
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