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Ban Appeal FTW
One of your characters from the banned account:  Naustro

Ban Reason: Insulting Staff?

Information about your ban: Was banned well over a year ago after responding to someone saying that there was a donor premade going on in world chat, if I remember correctly what I said was something along the lines of "Whats next? Donors gonna pay to insta-win? XD" I said it jokingly but it wasn't taken as a joke as I was banned like 10 sec later permanently which I thought was a bit harsh. I know donors keep the server alive and I don't mind that at all. I didn't think that a harmless joke would be taken soo seriously. My ban reason says I insulted staff but I never said anything about the staff at all so I'm not sure where that came from. As far as I know the GM that banned me isn't even around anymore. I think his name was like Tirion or something like that. It was well over a year ago so I'm not sure what his name was. I've reported a number of glitches in the past and have tried to help make the server better. I even reported the glitch in RFC where mages could pretty much solo the whole place with polymorph glitching due to a pathing issue. I'd like to be able to play this account again if possible, if not and it's just gone forever I guess i'll just have to deal lmao. Anyways thanks for your time and if you read this far I love you.

Additional Information: Ossirian is sexy IRL

Ban appeal declined.

Closed thread.
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