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Allow us to queue AB and AV in 2 person group
I have no problem with a duo Queue, however the developers seem to like the current format (WSG Queue available, solo Q AV and AB).

Again, I don't have any experience working on the back-end of a Vanilla WoW application - so I can speculate that something is possible, but unless you have actually worked on the project - you really have no idea.

Custom 2v2 and 3v3 arenas exist, perhaps code can be ported from there to create a duo-queue system for AV and AB.

I've made the argument before that the developers don't have to justify design decisions, nor do they have to respond to suggestions. We can discuss topics, but at the end of the day the developers and staff see the server from a different perspective than we do.
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Yes we all know the developers can do what they want. If I cannot queue with my friends, we are going to retail at the end of the month. I'd like to stay but this is a major let down for me.
I agree with silentscream. You should be able to Queue with a grp. 2 or max 5
Please post if you want to have small group queues!

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