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Rule 11 (abuse of Terrain and bugs)
Good day,

I was recently banned for a short while because of Rule 11 (abuse of Terrain / bugs), which I did unconsciously with the random Naxxramas group I was in.
Just like in Vanilla WoW it can be difficult to make a difference between abusing a bug and "clever use of game mechanics", especially on a server with a very special concept.

That said, I would like to suggest to name all (or the most common) cases of Terrain or Bug abuse that can and will be considered a bannable offense, preferably in the official rules thread.

As I'm new to the server myself, I can only *guess* which cases are considered a bannable offense and which are not, but I will try to list a few things that other players taught me so far. Actually "taught" would be the wrong word, as it's considered normal (and if you don't follow through, you get called a noob and removed).

1. Rogue Vanish-pull
You can avoid some adds on Grandwidow Faerlina and Instructor Razzuvious by letting a Rogue pull and then Vanish the moment the Tank picks up the boss.

2. Glitching adds through an unreachable healer
The most common example is probably the Gluth fight, where the healer remains on the pipe, aggroing all Zombies through heal aggro. I was in exactly *one* group where the adds where kited, ALL OTHER groups used a healer on the pipe method.

3. Kiting adds though clever use of terrain
Here I'm really not sure if this falls under the rule, since kiting adds in an integral part of WoW (be it Vanilla or later expansions), but whatever:
Molten Core, Golemag. The Healer stands on the bridge behind Golemag, pulling the adds through heal aggro. Unlike the Gluth trick, the Corehound adds don't glitch, they just take the long walk around the slope to reach the healer, buying time for the rest of the group to nuke Golemag.

Molten Core, Majordomo Executus. A Hunter can kite the Healer adds all the way to the Golemag bridge, buying time for the group to kill the remaining adds.


If there is more, please let me and others know. There is an immense peer pressure for new players to just do what others do, leading to unintentional offenses and bans. So clarification would be great!

Thanks in advance
Yeh compile a list of all exploits for people to abuse the shit out of.
I get that your annoyed about getting banned, i was also banned for this several years ago while just blindly following my group in naxx.

However this isnt the right way of going about it. We all can use our noggen a little and its our own fault for going through with these things.
The things I mentioned are no secret to anyone though. In fact they are so common that I, as a new player, just thought that's how things are done here due to limitations (Boss mechanics not transferring well to a 5 man environment or something).

Anyway, just a suggestion. I think it would be fair to give people a few examples so they know what that rule applies to.

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